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Memorial Fleece jacket

Fleece jacket featuring the image and name of the Memorial in gold embroidery

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Masonic Denim Shirt

Long-sleeved denim shirt with Square and Compasses embroidered on the chest.

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Square & Compass Fleece Jacket

Fleece jacket featuring the Square and Compass in white embroidery

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Silence and Circumspection T-Shirt

This t-shirt bears Masonic emblems illustrating the lesson from Webb's Monitor (1802) that we "should be ever watchful and guarded in our thoughts, words and actions...ever bearing in remembrance those truly Masonic virtues, silence and circumspection."
Size XXL and XXXL are $28.00

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Tartan Cummerbund

Tartan cummerbund in the Freemasons Universal Tartan, sizes M - 2XL

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